Hassan Muhammad Khan

Mr. Hassan Muhammad Khan

Mr. Hassan Muhammad Khan has done dual majors in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Boston, USA, which he followed up with a Masters in Business Administration. He has traveled widely in the world and his areas of interest include innovation in management and educational models. As an educationist of distinction, Mr. Hassan Khan has played a pivotal role in the establishment, development, and recognition of institutions of Riphah International University.

Chancellor’s Message:

“Socio-economic development of our country is inextricably linked with its higher education system, particularly scientific research and innovation in technology. In view of the knowledge explosion, globalization, and rapidly changing scenario. Riphah International University has established high-quality institutions of higher education specializing in the Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Management, Information Technology, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. In the present era of global competition, Pakistan needs scientists, engineers, managers, software and information technology professionals, medical doctors, social scientists, and a highly competitive workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We are determined to inculcate morality, ethics, Islamic values, and national spirit in our students, in addition to a high degree of professional competitiveness. With a faculty of highly qualified professional teachers and dedicated students, Riphah International University is set to play its crucial role in the economic development of Pakistan”