ADP Business Management

ADP Business Management

ADP Business Management

Business operations in today’s dynamic world has become a science rather than a mere knowledge of various activities. Knowledge of business operations has never been more important. To be successful in today’s increasingly complex business world, you need to have a broad understanding of how businesses work. Whether you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur or are gaining the knowledge necessary to join a new employer, an ADP Business Management is a great first step that can help prepare you for your future aspirations.

In Riphah’s Business Administration program, you will gain powerful business skills and a foundation to build better business practices. The program will provide you with hands-on experience and knowledge related to Accounting, Economics, Management, Business Law, and Marketing.

Your degree will do more than hang on a wall—it will show you have learned to solve problems, plan for success, think critically, lead a team, and adapt to the changing environments. Students with this degree are prepared to contribute in either non-profit or profit-oriented organizations as either entrepreneurs, managers or skilled professionals. You will benefit through gaining effective problem-solving and decision-making skills that will help in all areas of life. You will also develop a fundamental comprehension of business-related processes and procedures that help with leadership and future careers.

The graduate with an associate degree will be eligible for entry level positions in a number of careers. Some areas in which careers are available include, Commercial Banking, Administration and Information Support, Business Analysis, Business Development, Human Resources, Business Financial Management, Management, and non-profit organizations.

Learning Outcomes

With an Associate Degree in Business Management from Riphah International, you can gain skills to help move your career ahead in any industry. As a student in this degree program, you will learn how to:

  • Execute effective communication strategies
  • Use the latest technical business tools to perform your job duties effectively
  • Analyze and react to the economic issues companies face today
  • Collect and analyze business data to make inferences and solve business problems

Career Options with this Program

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Construction Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality Management
  • General Management
  • Marketing