ADP Sales & Marketing

ADP Sales & Marketing

ADP Sales & Marketing

Every organization in today’s competitive business environment — whether a small business, a medium-size firm, a large corporation, an international nonprofit, or a government agency — needs to be able to market to their target audience or customer. Organizations rely on sales and marketing professionals to build a brand, expand a customer base and make persuasive arguments.

The program is designed specifically to develop the knowledge and professional competencies for entry level positions in the sales and marketing fields. Students of the program study general management courses and some applied courses related to selling techniques, advertising and promotion, and professional communication. Industry experienced faculty and real life case studies for instruction are the distinguishing features of this program. In this program, students will learn how markets drive demand for products and services and how to use these concepts to analyze market desires to capitalize on opportunities. Regular sales presentations will develop their personal communication skills and help them utilize such skills to sell products and create rapport with the customers.

The Associate degree in Sales and Marketing gives exposure to various aspects of selling, marketing and advertising, which are the essential building blocks required to begin a career in the field of marketing.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this degree, you will know:

  • The concepts and elements of selling, marketing and advertising
  • The purchasing behavior and purchasing process of consumers
  • The importance of consumer behavior and the process of consumer purchasing
  • The importance to choose the right design when it comes to packaging a product

Career Options with this Program

The Sales and Marketing associate degree will prepare you for entry-level careers in sales and marketing, such as:

  • Direct marketing
  • Business-to-business marketing
  • Marketing and Sales department
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Social Media Marketing