ADP Accounting & Finance

ADP Accounting & Finance

ADP Accounting & Finance

Businesses need rational thinkers who understand transactions and can analyze a financial market to grow into industry leaders. An Associate Degree in Accounting and Finance is a step forward on the path towards becoming a professional with the skills to help financial organizations make actionable insights into current economic trends and financial goals. This degree can give you the proper tools and perspective to recognize the right and wrong financial decisions.

ADP in accounting and finance can prepare individuals for careers monitoring the financial transactions of businesses and individuals. Students learn to record financial information, balance budget ledgers, examine spending records, utilize spreadsheets, prepare financial documents and conduct audits. Emphasis is also placed on the use of financial accounting software.

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with an associate degree in accounting and finance will know and understand these central concepts:

  • General accounting rules applied in Pakistan and abroad
  • The understanding of financial statements
  • Tax system and its applications in various types of organizations
  • Managing the accounts and payroll system of an organization
  • General understanding and usage of accounting and business software

Career Options with this Program

Graduates of ADP in accounting and finance are usually capable of securing entry level positions in accounts and finance department. Some of the potential job titles might include:

  • Accounts executive
  • Accounting assistant
  • Auditing officer
  • Billing and collections officer
  • Credit officer
  • Payroll officer