ADP Computer Science

ADP Computer Science

ADP Computer Science

All types of organizations — from retail establishments and manufacturing plants to service industries and health care — need information technology (IT) workers. And as IT operations continue to expand, so does the demand for additional IT workers.

The Associate Degree in computer science is designed for working professionals with little or no formal background in information technology and for people who want to pursue a career in technology management.

This degree combines flexibility with a highly relevant course curriculum. Acquiring an associate degree in computer science can significantly boost your earning potential and broaden your career opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

The students, after completing this degree will acquire:

  • A thorough knowledge of information systems, with organizational and global perspectives
  • Extensive practice using contemporary technologies in the creation, organization, storage, analysis, evaluation, communication, and transmission of information
  • Technical knowledge about the structure of database systems, web and multimedia systems, and the design of information systems
  • Hands-on knowledge through team projects, a required internship, and a capstone experience focusing on emerging issues and technologies in the field

Career Options with this Program

The associate degree in Computer Science can prepare you for the following careers:

  • Database administrator
  • Web developer
  • Computer support consultant
  • Data center operations support
  • Local- and wide-area network administrator
  • Help desk analyst
  • Network support technician
  • Technical support specialist