ADP Retail Merchandising

ADP Retail Merchandising

ADP Retail Merchandising

A retail merchandising associate’s degree prepares you for a career as a sales manager, advertising manager, marketing manager, purchasing manager, buyer or similar career. Small boutiques, independent specialty shops, departmental stores and large franchise operations, all need trained, smart professionals to handle numerous challenging details of retailing. Whether you aspire to manage a small department, a whole store or work at the office, our comprehensive degree program will prepare you as a successful management professional. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, exciting career, then ADP Retail Merchandizing might be the best choice for you. Those who graduate with a retail management associate degree program can work at a shopping mall, retail chain or boutique. Others may choose to open their own outlets or work as a management professional in a retail chain.

ADP Retail Merchandising is available for individuals who wish to work in retail settings. This degree is intended to enhance your knowledge of the retail field and to prepare you to work with customers and employees. The core focus will be on how to choose and price inventory based on market demands as well as how to manage the logistics of shipping, handling, stocking and receiving.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this degree, you will be able to:

  • Effectively analyze a market, select best suited goods for the customers and learn how to market those goods effectively
  • Develop strong organizational and communication skills
  • Know product handling, merchandise pricing, and cost controlling
  • Do store set-up, work with vendors, and make buying decisions
  • Design branding strategies, , implement marketing strategies, and build customer relations
  • Use information system for selecting merchandise assortments and tracking inventory

Career Options with this Program

The associate degree in Retail Merchandising will prepare you for the following careers:

  • Store operations manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Supplies and inventory manager
  • Logistics and warehouse manager