ADP Science

ADP Science

ADP Science

The Associate Degree in Science is designed to provide an educational experience that prepares students for work and to lay a solid foundation for further study in the field of science. This program may be adapted to serve a variety of needs and interests. Students may develop elective patterns which will prepare them to transfer to a four year bachelors program or for employment. The degree consists of general education courses, core courses for the major chosen and a variety of electives.

The policy decision announced by Higher Education Commission: Pakistan to terminate all conventional two year bachelors programs, i.e: B.A, B.Sc, B.Com etc. effective 2018, has created a need to offer substitute programs for a majority of student body. As most of the students neither have access to four year programs offered by universities nor can they afford to bind themselves in four year bachelor programs due to various reasons, financial and time required being the most prominent.

This gap has been filled by the HEC with their initiative to allow universities to offer associate degree programs. A large number of students want to choose science for their higher education aspirations. The Associate Degree in Science (AS) is a two-year degree with an emphasis on courses such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics. It is a two year, four semester qualification and requires students to complete a minimum of 66 credit hours for the completion of degree requirements.

The associate degree in science by Riphah International University is being offered in two combinations.

  • Double Math and Physics
  • Zoology, Botany, Chemistry

Learning Outcomes

After completing this degree, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking, argumentation, and analysis skills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method and its application, including interpreting and analyzing scientific data, forming hypotheses, and evaluating experiments
  • Create a scientific model of a practical problem and use the model to logically interpret and analyze the problem and make predictions
  • Exhibit competent and relevant technological skills

Career Options with this Program

Associate of Science degree trains graduates for immediate employment and direct entry into the workforce in reputable organizations. Students may choose one of the combinations that will prepare them to transfer to a bachelors program or for employment. A combination of courses with hands-on training prepares students for careers. Some of the career opportunities available for students with this degree are:

  • Teaching career at school level
  • Research associate
  • Software analyst
  • Lab technician and analyst
  • Pharmaceutical industry